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Landscape Lighting Design & Maintenance

Landscape Lighting installation is an excellent way to add subtle beauty to your landscape and gardens.  Our lighting installation can include items such as up lighting, down lighting, path lights, step lights, garden lanterns and in ground lights. We provide free consultation and designs.

In addition, we utilize excellent design and installation techniques. The following is a review of some important details regarding the lighting installation:

A) All connections will be soldered and weather proofed. Most companies (including our competitors) use “so-called” weatherproof connectors. Soldering is much more effective.

B) We use a type of well light that will not collect water around its base, but costs about $25.00 more per light. Most companies use the type of well light that collects water, which eventually have problems.

C) We bury our wires to a proper depth, especially in and around mulch bed edges. Most companies bury the wires too shallow especially along bed edges where they are vulnerable to being cut.

D) We use a formula to calculate wire runs and voltage requirements. Some companies skip this step resulting in major problems with bulb burnouts, dim lights, etc…

Landscape Lighting Maintenance Program

Our Landscape Lighting Program is designed to assist you in the upkeep and maintenance of the components of your lighting design. The yearly maintenance package is comprised of 2 visits (one in the spring and one in the fall) which include the following:

  • Assurance that every bulb is in working order and replace if necessary
  • Replacement of inoperable control module(s), timer(s) and photocells as needed
  • Adjustments to fixtures as needed
  • Resetting time clocks as needed
  • Trimming and minor pruning around fixtures
  • Verification that transformer operation are set at original settings to ensure system integrity
  • In the event of a cut wire we will attempt to replace the entire wire run to ensure the integrity of the circuit.

Pricing consists labor and materials prorated at a discounted/contract rate.