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Commercial Landscape Management

Pleasant Valley Landscapes, Inc. has extensive experience with commercial landscape maintenance. Our contracts are specialized to meet the needs of the management and/or tenants of the building. PVL works closely to coordinate clean ups, pruning and seasonal color to coordinate with walk throughs and special events. Each commercial contract is renewable for 1 or 3 year increments, meeting planning and budgeting needs.

Snow & Ice Management

Pleasant Valley Landscapes customizes each snow removal contract according to the client’s needs and has detailed notes regarding these specific needs on each route sheet for each snow removal/ice control event. We strive to maintain clear and safe roadways and walkways as well as clear 100% of Handicap Parking spaces/walkways (if applicable). We also make it a standard to keep dumpsters, loading docks, mailboxes, plants & shrubs clear of snow piles as best as possible.

From experience we have learned that, each year may or may not be similar to last year’s snow. Snow removal operations, in general, can vary dramatically from year to year and from storm to storm. Several different variables affect how many visits will be necessary and the time and materials needed to clear designated areas. Again, our goal is to provide you with clear and safe roadways and walkways, particular to your property.

Testimonials From the Blizzard of 2016


I can't explain how much I appreciate your team. Awesome job at Lorton!!!

Jody M.
Avison Young

Great job on FL Center, Shoppes and East Market today. You bested Commercial snow removal contractors!! Thanks for the good work.

Dee L.
Peterson Companies

Pleasant Valley did a phenomenal job at our sites.

Pleasant Valley definitely performed at a very high level for us.

Brandon D.
Redwood Commercial

Your company did a great job!

Thank you,

Bill R.
Grady Management

Thank you so much- very happy tenant this morning

Kelly R.
Lincoln Property Company

Gentlemen, and you too Mark V.,

What a day! What a night! What a last couple of days! Thank you for your service and help, you guys (again) did a great job over here at 2000 Corporate Ridge, it was great seeing you guys here - wish I had deep pockets - I would have bought you all breakfast or coffee/ hot Chocolate just appreciate what you do. I would not ever want any of you feel or think we take your services for granted. Even though we pay you for the services, you are worth every penny. Thank you. Sincerely.

Have a wonderful Spring.

Arturo H.
Lincoln Property Company

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for assisting us during the recent snow storm. Without the teamwork of your staff, we would not have been operational. Please inform your staff that they have done an excellent job and we appreciate their dedication.

Thanks so much for your responsiveness and dedication!

Roeli K.
Lincoln Property Company

Hello I appreciate all the hard work you have been doing at our properties at TransDulles, we for sure got more parking space for our tenants. Again we appreciate all the hard work.

Walter R.
New Boston Fund

Todd, First of all, thank you for the amazing job you all did on our lot on Dulles Technology. Given the amount of snow, you all did amazing!!

Michael D.
ePlus Technology


I believe we are finally done with the pushing and clearing and now we just need to let Mother Nature run its course and melt the mountains we have formed. Your guys did an outstanding job; we really appreciate all of their hard work.

Thanks again for all of the hard work and updates as we were being slammed by this blizzard.

Again we appreciate all of the hard work so far. I’ve seen other communities that are nowhere near the overall good condition we are in so all of the hard work is evident.

Carlos B.
Stuart Woods Apartments

Thank you guys for all your hard work this week! The church lot looks great!


Rev. Dr. Justin W.
Pleasant Valley UMC

Hi Todd,

I know that Brandon is our main contact at NG for our PVL contract, but I wanted to express my thanks to you and your team for all of the effort and truly hard work to get our building in such great shape, especially compared to other sites in the area. Your team’s willingness to go above and beyond at our site after we experienced the massive drift effect into our parking structure was GREATLY appreciated. In our time in this building since 2011, we haven’t experienced that much severity in drifting in the parking structure.

Kind regards,

Jennifer A.
Northrop Grumman Corporation

All I have to say is THANK YOU.

Brandon M.
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Pass this on to your crews.
Good work guys.
Appreciate it.

Kathryn B.
J Street Companies

I know this was storm was particularly brutal and clean-up will continue for a few days more but please know how much I appreciate the incredible hard work from your entire team. Properties look better than I would have expected less than 24 hours after snow stopped.

Hope everyone gets some much deserved and needed rest.


Andrea M.


Thanks for all of your great efforts during this storm. We have received compliments from tenants and ownership for the job that you all did.

Claire C.

Tim, Matt, Todd - big thank you for all your efforts at FDA College Park during the recent “epic” snow event. Appreciate the hard work getting the site cleared and safe.

Greg C.
Colliers International

Good morning Todd,

Thank you very much for your updated, also at 5:55am this morning. It was very grateful and safe to see my parking lot around of the building treated.

Thank you again sir for take care my property.

Mario G.
MRP Realty

Testimonials From the Blizzards of '09 & '10

You all did great!  Not one complaint. You are the best and hope you have a great holiday. Tell Nicole thanks for everything and David said you all did a great job and you really impressed his Dad.

Thanks again.

Julie M. Florian
Property Manager
Finmarc Management Inc.

Hi Todd,

I just wanted to say thank you for a tremendous job on our recent snow removal. I know it was not an easy task by any means. I was out touring the properties on Sunday and was impressed with how well the lots and entrances looked. I hope you kept away from any nearby cliffs and were able to finally rest. Just in time for the next on...


Jennifer L. Wrenn, CPM
Peter Lawrence of Virginia, Inc.

Just in case someone didn’t appreciate all the work the snow removal crews did, I want to personally thank them for the great job that I think they did around 250 Exchange Place.

We obviously came from a property management company that was less than stellar.

Big THANKS from Appletree Answering Service.

Mara Johnson
Operations Manager
Appletree Answering Service

Dear Todd,

This is an unprecedented storm and I sincerely appreciate that you and your staff are doing everything you can to get your customers plowed as expeditiously as possible.

Pat Wirth

Good to work with quality businesses. Hats Off To The Snow Removal Team!!! Given the circumstances, they did a great job -- parking lot and sidewalks look great!!!

Julie F.
Redwood Commercial

I’d like to take a moment to thank all our snow removal vendors for their hard work and dedication during this past weekends blizzard. We know it was no easy task to keep up with clearing the snow and that some of our properties present real challenges with this volume of snow. Some of you even went for several days without sleep.

We have received so many “kudos” from our tenants and one from a prospective tenant, who we hope to sign a lease with this month, about the clear conditions of our properties on Monday morning. It is a real testament to all that you did to ensure First Potomac’s goal of tenant satisfaction and safety.

I hope Mother Nature will let you have a relaxing holiday weekend. From everyone at First Potomac Realty Trust, thank you for your efforts and we wish you and your staff a very Happy Holiday.

Caroline Ramsay, RPA
Regional Property Manager

Commercial Testimonials

Mark, As Spring goes, the properties are looking good. We have received so many compliments regarding the tulips which I need to relay to you all. Thanks again!

Laura R.

Gentlemen, Thank you ever so much for your assistance. I saw that your team out late last night. Please know that your efforts really paid off. The landscaping at Redwood presented very well and received very positive comments. I know that KBS was as pleased as I was. Thank you again for your time, attention and partnership. Best regards,

Laura R.

Thanks so much for the attention your crew gave Redwood. It looked great for the client tour today. I really appreciate your assistance.

Andrea M.

Thanks so much for the attention your crew gave Redwood. It looked great for the client tour today. Todd & Mark, Quick note to say THANK YOU for your team’s work. The entrance looks great and appreciate the follow up service today with blowing leaves. While we are likely to never get praise for our efforts to ensure a beautiful entrance, your team’s work prevented us from getting critical feedback on a not so beautiful entrance on a high profile day. Thanks again!

Jennifer A.
Northrup Grumman